advisory – May 2020, Issue 3

As this advisory goes ‘to print’ so to speak, Malaysians are asking about whether the CMCO will be extended beyond June 9.

It is close to three months now that we are practicing the new normal: work and meetings are conducted virtually, many people are exercising with friends on shared virtual platforms, and dinners are also done over Zoom. Already, there are complaints of fatigue and burnout. Is this how we want to live for the rest of our lives?

In this issue, we look at Malaysia’s recovery phase and how health experts in Malaysia are advocating the need for governments to adopt a ‘soft landing’ response to this pandemic. Any which way you look, all of us will have to grit our teeth: it’s going to be rough.

Migrants and refugees remain at the top of social concerns in Malaysia: our human rights ranking will sink even lower than what it was before (and it was shameful, to say the least). Nary a day passes without news reporting of a raid, lock-ups and harm on them. We pride ourselves on being an ideal, caring, Muslim nation. We are in total denial, aren’t we.

Lastly, Malaysia saw its parliament sitting not for a day, but an hour.This is truly akin to a K-Drama saga of  politically epic proportions. COVID-19 barring, is this the future of Malaysian politics?

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