advisory – July 2020, Issue 5


I think it’s safe to say that most Malaysians are frustrated and have accepted the fact that nothing truly changes in Malaysia. The New Malaysia, the Old, the Future — what seemed promising in the end was just a distant glimmer of hope.

But is it true that all Malaysians have reconciled with the fact that nothing changes? Not among the young. Young Malaysians took to the digital platform to organise and participate in Parlimen Digital.  Civil society organisations that had been muted during PH’s time (this being many of them joining the then government) have now come back to the fore, and are providing check and balance to what is deemed to the public as wrong. The public too has taken to the media to voice their concerns, and they are not the young — senior Malaysians of all ideologies are making their voices heard.

Still, the threat of intimidation, hate crimes, is always there. IMAN realises that this threat, even verbal, is a manifestation of abuse, that can actually impact a country’s well-being. The peace and security of Malaysia and her neighbours are observed by IMAN as almost fragile, amidst all the political upheaval.

The PN government seems to be doing all the proper things to the man in the street: how the Prime Minister handled the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, but with a stalled economy and a bleak future, they cannot sit and rest. This Current Malaysia is watching, and will pull all the stops to get what the citizens need.


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