Election Sentiments Analysis of Malaysia’s 15th General Elections (GE-15)

Malaysia’s 15th General Election was held on the 19th of November 2022 against the backdrop of rising cost of living, political instability and global uncertainties. Unlike the usual custom, only 3 out of the 13 States held State level elections for the State Assembly while the remaining opted to hold it in 2023 instead. This election also saw the number of voters doubling with the implementation of UNDI 18 and automatic registration nation-wide.

In terms of electoral process, current evidence shows that the Malaysian population in general, even the new voters, takes democratic elections seriously. This is based on the high voter turnout rate across the board. The Election Commission were able to carry out their mandate professionally and safely through-out the country, with very little complaint made against the commission for unfair or illegal conduct which differs from previous election. To add, no violent outbreaks occurred through-out the country with the exception of low level skirmishes which occurred in Sabah.

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