The team behind IMAN Research consists of academics, researchers, writers, journalists, policy specialists, and civil society activists with more than 10 years of work experience within the public and private sectors.

IMAN Research provides reliable, on the ground sentiments and information to a young Malaysia and the region on matters pertaining to society, religion and perception. This is crucial in the domains of peace and security, ethnic relations and religious harmony in multicultural societies. Because Malaysia is ideally situation in the Southeast Asian region, situated right smack in the middle of Asian Tigers such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, with neighbours such as Japan and China, its ecosystem allows to test out solutions between orthodoxy and modernity, Muslims and non-Muslims, and indigenous and immigrant populations. We aim to deliver sound policy solutions along with actions and measurable outcomes.

We have grown from a small outfit to one that is reckoned with in the four years of establishing the organisation. We are driven by curiosity, and to understand the projects and people we work on, we have 'conversations' focus group discussions, fieldwork, and engaging with stakeholders such as governments and their agencies, and regional civil society organisations. We currently chair the Malaysian chapter of the Southeast Asian Network of Civil Society Organizations on Countering Violent Extremism (SEAN-CSO). Today, we speak at international and regional Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) conferences.

While our niche is in PVE, we aim to be a leading consultancy and research outfit on Southeast Asian affairs with a global outreach. We value diversity, creativity, intelligence, ethics, empathy and trust. Our mission is to foster partnerships and collaborations in Southeast Asia, provide cutting-edge and evidence-based solutions, and to be a resource center on Southeast Asia affairs for governments, civil society organisations and businesses. 

We partner with our friends and neighbours around the region to build, manage, and sustain strong communities and cities.

IMAN works and partners with civil society organisations, academic bodies, and institutions from around the world.


Work Areas

We have three pillars:

Society, Religion and Perception.

We work in these areas:

 Security and Community Resilience.

Our work entails:

Research and Analysis. Public Policy Formulation. Strategic Advisory.
Public Engagement. Capacity Building and Training. Media and Content.


Current Projects

The focus of our work currently revolves around Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) and Community Resilience.


1. The Assalamualaikum Project (2015 to 2016)

2. Women & Radicalisation (2016 to ongoing)

3.Normative Beliefs on Violent Extremism among Rural and Urban Malaysian Youths (2016 to ongoing)

4. Youth Perception on New Malaysia (2018)

5. Countering Violent Extremism Among Vulnerable Refugee Communities in Malaysia (2018 to ongoing) 

6. The Religious Freedom Project (2018 to ongoing)

7. Profiling Research for Potential Participants in a Malaysia-Philippines Voluntary Return and Reintegration Program (VRR) (2019)

8. Networks of Government Reform: The Case of Malaysia (2019)


Clients and Partners

Governments: The Kingdom of The Netherlands, and Canada.

Development Partners: UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, IRI, CHD.

Partners: Google, IAIS Malaysia.