Society is driven by ideology, beliefs, and sentiments which are the foundations of public perception.

IMAN is a social enterprise focusing on research and community engagement. The team behind IMAN consists of academics, researchers, writers, journalists, policy specialists, and civil society activists with more than 10 years of work experience within the public and private sectors.



Who We Are


IMAN started off as conversations between three friends in public policy, research, and journalism. Together they realised a serious gap in information and on the ground realities that impact Malaysia.

These conversations became the stimulus to create a research outfit, with hopes of engaging with stakeholders such as governments, international bodies and civil society organisations.

The three friends are now joined by a team of similar-minded individuals.

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What We Do

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

We research. When we research, we look at the human element – what is the true story behind a number or percentage? Is this an administrative process or a national failure? Is the human element given due consideration? We value on-the-ground realities and alternative discourses. We champion creativity and adaptability; we believe that sociology and anthropology can point us all to the truths of the people and the situations we study. From the research we do, we provide a narrative, a story, and ideas on making a community resilient and strong.

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